Sampling Another Poetry Festival

The folks at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival were kind enough to quote Jennifer Jean and me in an article on the Dodge Poetry Festival. Here's an excerpt.

“Both mentioned the panel discussion with four of the nation’s Poet Laureates as a highlight of the festival. “Mark Strand opened with a joke about stepping out on the laureate office balcony for the first time and suddenly being able to fly,” said Jean. “This seemed an important commentary on the so-called ‘career’ aspect of poetry. In other words, what was most important about living the life of a poet—developing the writing itself, ‘the internal life’ as Kay Ryan called it—was not altered by becoming a laureate.”

Read the full article at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival's Website.

The next Massachusetts Poetry Festival will be May 13-14 in Salem, Massachusetts.


Jessie Carty said…
such a great picture! i love hearing about all of these events :)

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