You Complete Me

Fellowship application: complete.

What a relief! I almost gave up on filling it out because I didn't think I could get it done in time. But after a few kind words fom Jennifer Jean and Tayari Jones, I finished it. Thanks ladies. Also, special thanks to those who wrote last-minute recommendations for me. In the words of the late, great Michael Jackson, "You rock my world!"


A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, just in time to go to for Jennifer Jean's reading with the Dire Literary Series. Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, tonight at 7.


My tickets for the Dodge Poetry Festival arrived Thursday afternoon. Yay! Less than a week away.

Two very cool upcoming appearances:

On October 7, before heading to NJ for Dodge, I'm going to be interviewed by Christopher Lydon for his innovative show Radio Open Source. No air date yet.

And, on October 16, I will be on the cable access show Wake Up and Smell the Poetry with Bethel Steele and Ashley Jordan in Hopkinton, MA. Thanks to host Cheryl Perreault for the invitation. Then I'll head into the city for the Boston Book Fest.


I'll see you Sunday, right?


There is so much poetry activity going on I can hardly stand it. I'm quite dizzy with anticipation! What's new in your world?


Kathleen said…
You ARE busy! Congrats on all these wonderful activities!
January said…
Thanks Kathleen!
Catherine said…
Congratulations on completing the application!
To answer your question - first we had the earthquake, then I went on holiday for two weeks, now I am busy catching up which includes trying to get our small poetry group's second collection ready for the printer (we are self publishing), and sending away some submissions - one done, and now I have to look over my poems and revise some ready to send off more submissions.
There are quite a few journals here who only publish once a year, which is a bit of a problem with "no simultaneous submissions" unfortunately.

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