Confession Tuesday

If it’s Tuesday, it’s time for your confessions. Unburden yourself—you’ll be glad you did!

I love Halloween! This year, Alex is Anakin Skywalker while Ella decided to be a gorilla. Love it! Both kids fell in love with their costumes immediately. Just goes to show how each of them has a different take on the world, which is one of the many things I love about them.


I started this post before dawn. I love writing in the early mornings. It’s dark and quiet, nothing but white noise and the sound of acorns hitting the roof. Now that Ella seems to be staying in bed until 6 a.m., this is really my most productive time of the day.

I’m on the road to work by 6:40 a.m., at my desk by 8 a.m. The morning commute is a drag--no other way to describe it, especially when it rains. Want a bad commute? Just add water.


Today's weather in Boston: a high of 70 degrees and sunny!


Last night I started a poem at the gym. Typed it into my iPhone while on the treadmill. There’s nothing worse that letting go of a poem because I don’t have any way to capture it.

This week’s to-do list:

  1. Finish my second manuscript by Halloween. (Spooky!)
  2. Read a friend’s manuscript
  3. Begin planning for 2011 events
  4. Write poem for Improbable Places Poetry Tour. This month's theme? Bicycles!
  5. Send out submissions to two publications
  6. Get organized for November


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