Common Threads Is LIVE!

This is way cool!

MassPoetry has created the first Common Threads kit. The seven poems and guide, ready just in time for National Poetry Month, can be read on the Web and is available for download.

The seven poems are:

  • In the Waiting Room by Elizabeth Bishop

  • Samurai Song by Robert Pinsky

  • The Lost Pilot by James Tate

  • Occupation by Suji Kwock Kim

  • Vita Nova by Louise Gl├╝ck

  • Love Song: I and Thou by Alan Dugan

  • New England Ode by Kevin Young

The full kit consists of:

  1. The text of each of the seven poems

  2. Questions for discussion, specifically for each poem and for the group

  3. A guide to reading poetry

  4. A prefatory note

  5. Short biographies of each poet

  6. Links for more information about each poet and poem

  7. A list of resources for reading poetry

Audio should be available next week. When available, you will be able to play each poem online, download the audio in an MP3 format, or order the audio poems for free through iTunes. There are nearly 500 groups signed up throughout the commonwealth to read these poems, so I hope you'll visit the Mass Poetry site and take advantage of this kit!


Maureen said…
Really wonderful!
January said…
Thanks Maureen! It's a great project that is taking off across Massachusetts.
Writer Bug said…
Lovely! I can't wait to check out the "how to read poetry" part of the packet. I can always use more guidance on that front.

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