A Mouthful

For the first-time ever, I double booked myself--two events on the same night. Fortunately, both parties were accommodating as I was extremely apologetic for the mixup.

The first event was an appearance at a book club in Hopkinton, MA. I was asked my friend and coworker to talk about Underlife. There was another poet there as well, which took the pressure off of me staying. But I was able to speak about my poems in a more relaxed manner. The ladies asked very good questions and were attentive listeners. It was really quite lovely. Very intimate.

Because I dashed off so quickly, I offered to come back and lead a talk on the Common Threads poems as part of Mass Poetry's April Poems Project.

Then I dashed off for the Mouthful Reading Series in Cambridge (about a 45 minute drive). One of the series cofounders is Dawn Paul, who also was very accommodating. The open mic started first, so I had plenty of time to illegally park (Cambridge!) and settle before my reading.

To my great surprise and delight, attending my reading was Jesse Cathy! She's up from North Carolina attending a video game conference with her husband. But was able to break away to read in the open mic and stay for my reading.

It's so much fun to meet the people you converse with on an almost daily basis. And if you haven't figured it out yet, she's awesome!!


dylan said…
dear January O'Neil --

I was at Mouthful (first time there)! Thank you for signing my copy of your book. You read several of my favorite poems, and I enjoyed hearing the new ones! Thanks again.

Thomas DeFreitas

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