In Gratitude

I’m up way too late and way too early. But I’m feeling very grateful for my life these days.

First, special thanks to Kelli for her post about me and my so-called life! Sometimes it feels cobbled together by to-do’s and outside demands, but it is all mine and I love it.

The fact that y’all come along for the ride is a happy accident.


As you know, I haven’t been writing much but I’m reading a lot, mostly unpublished work from friends, batches of poems and a few fiction pieces. If I can make some space I’m going to have to start writing a poem a week again until April, then it’s NaPoWriMo, baby!

Check out Robert’s April PAD challenge.


Yesterday, I had a meeting with a design class at Montserrat College of Art. The students have taken on the Mass Poetry Festival as a project. The students are designing the festival’s look and feel for the posters, postcards, T-shirts, etc. And, in return, they get the opportunity to work with clients on real-world, public projects. Saw the first round of designs—all great. Fantastic work by these creative, innovative young minds.


Speaking of creative, young minds—I will be judging the Framingham segment of the Poetry Out Loud competition on Saturday. I’m really, really looking forward to this.


In the evening, after a Mass Poetry Fest planning meeting, I’m going to see the movie Louder Than a Bomb, at the Salem Film Fest. We’ll be showing the film at the poetry fest, but I have a feeling I’ll be too busy or tired to enjoy it in May.

And on the seventh day, I will rest.


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