Next Stop on the Improbable Places Poetry Tour

Thursday, March 10
7 p.m.
Barter Brothers Flower Shop
228 Cabot Street
Downtown Beverly

What’s this tour all about?
Well, It’s Montserrat College of Art’s way of bringing together student writers, local poets, area businesses, and enthusiastic listeners to celebrate the power of poetry and community.Each month a new venue and theme will be selected. This month’s venue is a flower shop!

A Flower Shop, huh?
That’s right, folks. Inspired by the poem “One Flower” by Jack Kerouac, we are looking for poems that reference at least one flower. These don’t have to be “flowery.” Maybe you’ve got a poem about a not-so-sweet William, or a school-yard brawl with the bully, “black-eyed Susan.” We are looking for strong-stemmed poems, showy blooms, and a bouquet of themes.

Hey, I’ve got a poem that should be included in the bunch. Can I read it?
We are accepting submissions via email at and in the Writing Center, located on the 2nd floor of Montserrat’s library. The deadline is Monday, March 7th. We’d love to read your work!

I don’t write poetry, but I sure am interested in this tour. Can I still attend the event? Absolutely! Come and listen and cheer on the readers. Wear that floral shirt that’s in the back of your closet. Most importantly, come check out what the writers of your community are up to!

Wait! I’ve still got questions!
Just talk to Colleen Michaels, Montserrat’s Writing Center Director. She’s at or 978-921-4242,ext. 1254.


RobynBradley said…
I hope you're resting on this seventh day. You are incredible! :)

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