Confession Tuesday

If it’s Tuesday, it’s time for your confessions. Share a bit of yourself with us and we promise to do the same.

My head is still reeling from the Virginia Festival of the Book. Charlottesville is a beautiful college town steeped in history. Wish I had had more time to explore Monticello and the surrounding areas. And the weather was perfect, with cherry blossoms and crepe myrtles in bloom.

I think I needed to get away more than I realized. It was great spending a little time with my parents while seeing a part of Virginia I hadn’t see in 20 years. I admit, the whole trip made me homesick for my home state.

It’s true sometime that “…you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”


I have been switching between my two newest purchases: Erika Meitner’s Ideal Cities and Jehanne Dubrow’s Stateside, both of which I’m enjoying immensely. It was a pleasure reading with both of them on Saturday—phenomenal poets, phenomenal women!


Finally, I feel motivated to write again—now, the tough part is keeping that feeling alive. No magic bullet here, I have to make writing a priority. During the weekend, I kept hearing stories from other writers about how they managed to produce while working multiple teaching jobs, pitching writing assignments, and juggling kids and family. Not writing feels like a cop-out or an excuse to me. I need to keep working in order to maintain balance for myself.


Sometimes it feels as if I’m not making progress with new work, submissions, etc. But I am. I have to remind myself that I’m doing the best that I can.

I started a new poem while I was away. Yay!


Going away always make me appreciate what I have even more. So today, I am grateful for Alex and Ella, and this crazy life we have made and continue to make for ourselves.


Woke up with this song in my head. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!


Kells said…
That's the first time I've never seen the Katy Perry video for that song. LOVE it! And now I love that song even more...
dylan said…
A confession (of sorts): I have a ridiculously large Roman numeral after my name: VI. I'm the sixth Thomas in my family -- hence, the nickname "dylan" to distinguish me from all the other Thomases!

I like autumn. More than spring, even!

I like Wallace Stevens although I don't own a copy of his Collected Poems.

I am currently addicted to the Rebecca Black video on YouTube -- "Friday," reputedly the worst song ever written!

And as I've been awake for the last nineteen hours, I'm a tad sleepy. (So sleepy that my math is getting fuzzy: seventeen hours, not nineteen. Five in the morning to ten at night. That's 17 hours, right?)
January said…
Wow Dylan, that's cool. Not many of us can say we have a lineage like yours.

I have never read Wallace Setvens (a confession of mine).

And I'll check out Rebecca Black.

Get some sleep!
January said…
Kelli, my kids are now obsessed with Firework. And, admittedly, I am, too.

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