Confession Tuesday

Welcome to Confession Tuesday. You know the drill!

Mass Poetry Festival planning is gearing up. We're in the process of matching talent to venues, designing and printing poster and signage, organizing volunteers--the nitty gritty. I tell you this because the festival will suck up my time for the next 10 weeks. Finding balance in my life is one thing, but adding in a massive project like a poetry festival really tips the scales into the absurd.


The less time I have to write, the more I want to do it. Every poet I know seems to be putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. I'm reading a lot of great unpublished work, but making time for myself to write is proving difficult.


I'm trying not to complain too much today. I'd rather take action rather than gripe so much. But I keep coming back to a movie quote from Olympia Dukakis in Steel Magnolias, something like: "If you can't say anything nice, come sit next by me!"


Received two rejections in two days. Drat!


Now that the snow is finally starting to melt (although to look at my front yard, you wouldn't know it), I'm hoping to get out and walk more. I've been a big ol' blob this past month. Time to get the blood pumping and the creative juices flowing.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Sandy Longhorn said…
"The less time I have to write, the more I want to do it." Isn't that the truth! Now, if I could just bottle that desire and keep it with me during the few available hours when I think I'm too tired to hit the pages.

Sorry about the rejection fairy making a visit. Hope she stays gone for a good bit, now.
January said…
Amen! It's hard with so many things competing for attention.

The rejection fairy needs a vacation. Come back in 2012!
Anonymous said…
i love that quote from steal magnolias!!! sorry about the rejections, but you have the right attitude: find the time for the keyboard! you are great at balance. you'll get it back.

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