Mass Poetry Fundraiser: Lloyd Schwartz

Last night, I attended the first of three fundraisers for the Mass Poetry Festival. Lloyd Schwartz gave a wonderful talk on Elizabeth Bishop, and read some of his own poetry. As an added surprise to the evening, one of Bishop's younger cousins was in the audience!

If you've ever met Lloyd, you know he's a sweetheart. Very generous with his time and an active supporter of the festival. It was nice having a few minutes to speak with him before and after the event.

(Geek moment: After speaking with Lloyd, I felt I had one degree of separation from Bishop. Is that silly?)

Jennifer Jean was our host, reminding us how relevant poetry is in these troubling times.

Sebastien Jean and Sarah Eide provided music for the evening.

Special thanks to all who came out to support Mass Poetry.


Susan Rich said…
What a wonderful event! Can you tell us a little bit about Bishop's cousin? I'd love to hear.
January said…
Susan, I really could have done more with this post. Since I'm out of town I wrote a short post, but I will type up more insights.


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