2012 Pulitzer Luncheon

At yesterday's Pulitzer Prizes luncheon, Thomas Friedman, co-chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board, in his remarks said " ... being on this [Pulitzer] board is like being in the best book club in the world." So, it was fun for me sitting in on the book club for a day. I admit it--I felt like one of the cool kids.

On a rainy afternoon, we gathered at Columbia University's Low Library for the 2012 awards luncheon. There were cocktails and conversation, a decadent lunch, and the formal program presentation. Honestly, I was hoping to snag the fiction prize by hiding it under my jacket and walking away with it. I mean, no one would miss it ... No such luck.

That's Joseph Legaspi. He is luminous.

Awaiting me at my assigned seat was this delicious asparagus salad. On the chair was the awards program; a hefty publication called The Pulitzer Prizes: Winners, 1917 to the Present, Including Nominated Finalists, 1980 to Present; and another publication called Fifty Great Stories, an impressive sample of the great journalism produced by Columbia graduates.

No readings or speeches, just the award handed out and a photo op with each recipient.

Here I am with Tracy K. Smith, this year's Pulitzer Prize winner in Poetry. If you have not read Life on Mars, run--don't walk--to your nearest (indie) bookstore and pick up a copy. It's fantastic!

Talk about luminous!


Why, you may be asking, am I showing you two pictures of desserts? Because they are not just any desserts, two of the three are doughnuts. And one of them (the one with dark sugar on it), had a chili finish at the end of each bite. My taste buds were in shock. However, the tall, frozen creamy chocolate mousse dessert thingy was a nice balance to all that heat.

("thingy" is a technical term)

"I can never stay mad at you, doughnuts!"

Since it was rainy outside, the group photo was taken on stage. If you look closely, you can see Miss Tracy in the front row!

It was a terrific celebration of the best in journalism, letters, drama, and music. My thanks to Jo Jo for letting me peak into his world on a rainy Monday. And congrats to Tracy for creating an incredible collection of poetry.


Susan Rich said…
I want some of that dessert -- and the luminosity of the day. Thanks so much for sharing this!
Jilly said…
Very cool! Thnx for the pics.

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