Kibbles and Bits

I am not the recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council grant, nor did I receive a poetry fellowship to Bread Loaf. That one-two punch came within days of each other. Awesomesauce.

At least I have a few months before not receiving an NEA. Or as I like to think of it: hitting the trifecta.


Pity party. Party of one. 


Hard to sulk on a Saturday, high today 89 degrees … but I’m going to try. Will be back to my old positive self tomorrow. Today, I feel like sulking. As a good friend of mine says, “Feel however you want to feel today, and then get over it.”


 More on Beauty-gate.


To-do List
1. Revise three poems
2. Send out to two publications
3. Write a book blurb
4. Plot summer writing project
5. Update bios


Famous Author Rejection Letters: True Stories Of Unbelievable Rejections

This is helping.

My posse’s getting big and my posse’s getting bigger.


Kells said…
Jan-- I feel your pain. Also not a WA state fellowship winner this time.

I think this is the hard part of being a writer. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. The no feeling can suck.

Pity parties are good, esp if they involve wine and dessert.

You're a superstar even when it's not documented.
January said…
Sorry about the WA State fellowship, Kelli. Rejection sucks.

You can join me virtually at the pity party. I serve big, pretty drinks and desserts that have zero calories and all the fat.

Thanks, from one superstar to another!


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