Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time to share your confessions. Tell us a little about yourself and we promise to do the same.

Here's a pic from Mothers' Day at Fenway park. Alex and Ella are standing next to Pesky's Pole, and next to the Red Sox's latest draft pick. Had to talk Ella out of touching his moustache.


I heard a new term that I think applies to me: "Momarazzi." I take so many pictures of my children it must seem like I am stalking them. Perhaps that's true. One day they'll be glad I documented all of these goofy moments. Can't wait to bring out some of these photos during the high school years!

(Insert evil laugh here!)


True confession: I'm cheating on Starbucks with Panera's this morning. I don't feel good about. But I'm sorry, the food is better at Panera's. There, I said it!

Is it cheating if I just eat breakfast and not drink the hot chocolate? The wi-fi policy is better at Starbucks. And there always seems to be a ton of informal business meetings going on at Panera's, men with ties but no jackets. Just not the right vibe for writing, so I'll be back where I belong very, very soon.


Working on a new poem (yay!). I'm also starting to get a handle on what direction my writing will take in the next few weeks. I need to mull it over a little more, but if I keep this project small and manageable, I can write a new series of poems by the end of summer. 


Festival: done. Grading: done. Finding balance: in progress. Summer o' Fun: it's coming, baby!

Happy Tuesday, folks!


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