Have you ever participated in a poetry reading but you were just not into it? That’s how I felt earlier this week. Not sure why I wasn’t into it—certainly not because of the audience, the other poets, or the reading series itself. I just was off and not motivated. Maybe it was the weather (a rainy Tuesday night). Or maybe, and this is most likely, I’m bored with my own poetry.

Is this ennui? Whatever it's called, it's present in everything I write lately. Nothing I’m putting on paper excites me. And I haven’t found a book to shake me out of my funk.

Oh well. This, too, shall pass. Sometimes the only way out is through. Warm, sunny weather has arrived. That helps.


Download out a copy of Diane Lockward’s e-collection of poems called Twelve for the Record. You can have it sent to your smart phone or e-reader for $3. I think it’s an interesting model for poets to consider. Still not crazy about the formatting on my Kindle for iPhone, but, in general, I think this is where poetry publishing is headed.

Books will never go away--there’s no substitute for holding a book in your hands. But this is a great way for writers to get their work to market quicker.

Thanks, Diane!


I had fiddleheads for the first time yesterday. Taste like broccoli. Now I’m trying to write a poem about them. Of course, I read a Wikipedia entry on them that said the furrowed fronds can be toxic is not cooked properly. Yikes.

(Colleen, I tried fiddleheads!)


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