This is me at the DUMBO studio of Rachel Eliza Griffiths. I'm posing for new author photos, and I have to say I'm excited to see what she comes up with. (This photo was taken by the beautiful and talented Joseph Legaspi.)

I've wanted new pictures for a while now, pictures that capture this time in my life. What does 43 look like? Who am I now after two kids and more life changes that I can count? These photos are a celebration of me right now. I'm thrilled Rachel could fit me into her busy schedule.

Rachel also asked me to sit for a P.O.P video. On her site, she describes this project as "an ongoing conversation between and about poets." This is a huge project. Go check out a few of the videos.

Thanks Rachel!


Susan Rich said…
Love this photo of you, January! Yes, more life changes than expected ... but so glad our lives have brought us together! Hope all is well. We still need to plan our SW reading -- or perhaps the Hawaii tour...
January said…
Your ears must be burning, Susan. Joseph and I were just talking about you, about how much we admire and miss you.

Yes, how can we get readings in the SW and Hawaii?!


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