Confession Tuesday

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Do you know where your turkeys are?

My turkeys are in school and I am missing their Thanksgiving play.* Sigh.* One of the tough parts about being a single mom is not making it to all the kid events.

*big sigh*


Feeling a wave of gratitude move through me today.

The last two weeks I feel I’m tapped into a wellspring of poems. Even though my number count doesn’t reflect the volume, I feel connected to that place where I feel most myself. Does that make sense?
Helps that I’ve been around a lot of creative people working on--surprisingly--creative, non-poetry projects. Attending lots of poetry events helps, too.

And, I've received a boatload of new (or new to me) poetry collections this week, from Ai to Vivian Shipley to Jill McDonough. Very Cool.


Whenever I’m in possession of new poetry books, I feel rich.

This past Saturday, the kids and I went to the library and picked up a ton of children’s books from their annual book sale. We bought about 12 books and six VCR tapes (yes, we still have a VCR) for $10. After the sale, they went into the children’s library section and checked out 10 more books between them.

I’m hoping they are feeling rich, too.


One of the projects I’m working on involves typeset letters that were once slated to be melted down and made into ammunition—I kid you not. So excited about this project, which I see as a collaboration of visual and literary arts.


I hope you can find a reason to be grateful today. Feel free to share it here.


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