Confession Wednesday

Happy Confession Wednesday! A first for me.

I'm still basking in the glow of victory. The people have spoken and delivered a decisive re-election victory to Barack Obama! Woo hoo!!


Did not go to my writers' group last night--couldn't handle it. Instead, I hung out a local restaurant with a friend. The restaurant had multiple TVs, including a flat screen at our table. But the management did not turn on the sound until 8 p.m. and when they did, they changed the channels to Fox News. Ugh. We high-tailed it out of there as soon as possible.


Four more years!


On the poetry front I have been writing drafts for the poem-a-day challenge but I can't quite call them poems yet. That's why my number is stuck at 2. But this weekend, I will spend time catching up with revisions.


Two fellowship rejections last week (Sustainable Arts Foundation and NEA). One publication this week (Sou'Wester).

Last week sucked.


"You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose." ~Mario Cuomo


We are bracing for another storm on the East Coast. It's now raining in Massachusetts so I can only imagine what it's like in New York and New Jersey. Hope we all make it through this one with few incidents and no injuries.


Susan Rich said…
Stay safe! Wish we could celebrate Obama's win together!
January said…
All is well in MA. We are happy the former gov. was trounced in the election. Giddy, in fact.

I can feel the love from here!


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