Where You Live

Yesterday was a tale of two poetry events for me. Event #1 was the book launch party for Jill McDonough's second book, Where You Live. It was divine.

Jill and me
The shindig was held at a bar called Drink. And we did. Let's just say there was a lot of love in the room.

Things overheard at Drink:

“This drink tastes like a man in a shower!”

“Once you go Tiki, you never go back.”

“Y’know, we were just talking about sheep …”

There's Jill, raising the roof again ...


Jill and Lloyd Schwartz

I'm serious about the love in the room. Wonderful to see so many friends of Jill and Josey's come out to support them. Lots and lots of laughter filling the room. It was a terrific party.

(Cheers to  creating an amazing poetry collection and giving us another reason to celebrate YOU! XO)
The North Shore crew
This coaster was originally created by for the Mass Poetry Festival as part of the Improbable Places Poetry Tour. Nice to see them given out at Jill's party. Click to enlarge.


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