You've Been Served

Thursday's Improbable Places Poetry Tour delivered poetry with a side of pie!

Once again, Colleen Michaels served up a hearty serving of verse at the CitySide Diner, a landmark eatery in downtown Beverly. It was packed, and the poems flowed!

I read a brand-new poem--and by brand new, I mean I wrote my poem two hours before the event. Always good to try out new work in front if a local crowd. Unfortunately, I left before the feature, but I heard she was terrific and even had saxophone accompaniment for three of her poems. Very cool.

The poets who read last night ahead of her were terrific. Such a diverse range of talent and styles in our little town. If you haven't been to one of these tour stops, you should make a pilgrimage north of Boston. What a great night of food, diner poems, and fun!

All hail Colleen Michael, the Czarina of Poetry Fun!

CitySide Diner

Colleen Michaels

Tony Toledo

(Side note, I just looked back at my Improbable pictures and noticed I wore the same outfit to the last tour stop. Yikes!)


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