Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday


Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving break. We stayed local and spent the day with friends. Thanks to Danielle, Josh, Alex, Andrew, and Simon for opening their home and hearts. This is our turkey day photo taken on Danielle's front porch.


Something happened on the way to my computer this past weekend ... I walked right passed it. Guess I took a cyber break from the computer screen.

Needless to say, it was a kid-tastic weekend, with lots of friends, family, and play dates throughout. I rested, read a few books, and watched a few movies, including one of my all-time faves, All the President's Men.


We made a trip to IKEA and bought a new dining room table, which we assembled Saturday night. That's where I am today, at my new table gearing up for a full day of grading. The semester may be winding down, but Mass Poetry Festival is kicking into gear. Lots happening behind the scene with both of my two passions.


Unfortunately, we made one emergency visit to the ER when my son's hand was slammed in a door (OUCH!). He's fine. No broken bones, thank goodness.


I am resisting every urge to buy something today on Cyber Monday but I have a feeling I'll succumb and purchase a few things on sale. We're pulling back on spending this year in favor of house projects, but I refuse to get sucked into the hype about buying stuff to make people happy. I'm really trying to focus the kids on giving and being more appreciative of what they have. It's hard, though, when everything in our culture says BUY RIGHT NOW.


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