Confession Tuesday

Happy Confession Election Tuesday!

I confess I'm starting this on Sunday because my kids don't quite understand the concept of Daylight Savings Time (read: one extra hour of sleep).

Well, Election Day is finally here. Can you believe that after what seems like a campaign full of rhetoric, fact checks, and gaffes, it all comes to an end today--at least I hope it does.

Please vote!


As you might have guessed, I'm voting again for Barack Obama. In 2008, I was a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter, and if she runs in 2016 I will be there for her. But I was thrilled to be one of the millions of Americans to vote Obama into office then, and I will be doing so again today.

We’ve had four years to evaluate Obama and if I were to grade him, I’d givehim a B+.

Given the economic crisis, collapsing housing market, and failing banks, he inherited a mess from the Bush administration. But four years later, the country is moving in the right direction—the leading economic indicators point to recovery. The president has kept most of his promises, including killing Osama Bin Laden and saving the auto industry. And he’s taken strong stances on issues focusing on women, minorities, and LGBTs. With the specter of re-election behind him, Obama will be able to work with Congress to avoid the fiscal cliff and to get the economy growing even faster.

If I am to be perfectly honest--speaking from the heart--I don't want the Obama administration to be looked upon as some grand experiment in sociology (read: "we gave the black guy a shot."). Obama is the most qualified candidate to move this country forward. He has been a symbol and an inspiration to many of us of all races and nationalities. But he has given us four years to decide if we want him back. I do.

I just don't think Mitt Romney should be rewarded for consistently telling lies that have been fact-checked by the media--without any retractions or apologies. (Jeep is not sending jobs to China.) How can this man keep his promises when he's flip-flopped on nearly every issue? I live in his "home state" of Massachusetts and nearly 70 percent of the Commonwealth will be voting for Obama. That speaks volumes.

Given the tragedy of Sandy and the looming fiscal cliff, I believe Barack Obama will get us through.


On the flip side, if Obama loses ... I can't even go there.


Some of the members of Dee-Lite re-recorded this tune for 2012, but I like the original.


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