Confession Tuesday

Back in December, days after I received my first copies of Underlife, I sent a copy to The White House. What can I say, I was feeling giddy! And, I believe in aiming high.

I sent a copy to The First Lady in the hopes she might enjoy the book. Of course, I don't think Underlife ever made it into Michelle Obama's hands (maybe White House Staff donated her copy to a local library), but it was a nice surprise to receive the note with the raised White House seal on heavy card stock.


I also sent a copy to Gayle King. No word yet.


Today Alex, Ella, and I are headed to NYC for a reading in Jackson Heights. This is my first trip to New York with the kids, and I’m nervous as hell. I’m comfortable being in Manhattan, but the venue is in Elmhurst, which I don’t know at all. I’m hoping the kids are not to weary or bored by 7 p.m. Fortunately, my good friend Suzie is traveling with us. What a huge relief it is to have another
grown up with me to help out!


Join me tonight at FIRST TUESDAYS Open Readings, Terraza Café, Elmhurst, NY, 7 p.m. Hope to see you there!


Wednesday is Ella’s 5th birthday, so after tonight's reading I can relax and focus my energies on both kids. I’ve got a big, New-York sized surprise for her big day. She and Alex will lose their minds when I spring it on them!


Ella shares a birthday with President Obama. Happy birthday, Mr. President!


Jennifer said…
If you have 8 copies to spare I hope you applied for the Kate Tufts Discovery Award to honor a first book (I think you fall in the pub date window). I totally thought of you when I saw the ad.
January said…
I can come up with 8 copies. I'm on it! Thanks for the suggestion.
Odessa said…
january, that's so cool that you got a note from the White House! it's these little touches that make it extra special. i hope your book did make it to Michelle Obama's hands.

and happy birthday sweet Ella! how exciting to celebrate it in NYC.

also, here's my tuesday confession: morning scribbles
Anonymous said…
My daughter Grace received a framed reading award from President Obama (real signature!)

I noticed the way he writes the first letter of his name has a big swoop forward - if I remember my handwriting analysis right, that indicates a person living toward the future.
Stacie Shepp said…
One must aim high to land high. Here's hoping the First Lady reads and loves your book!
Effina said…
How did it go tonight at Terraza?
Jessie Carty said…
happy birthday to Ella! And that is really excellent on getting the card from the White House.

I debated sending my book to some crazy places (like Oprah) but kind of short on copies right now. I did give one to the NC Poet Laureate and I handed a post card to Kay Ryan when I met her, that was about all my introverted self could handle! :)
Collin Kelley said…
That is so cool!

If you hear from Gayle, ask her if she got Conquering Venus, too. lol

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