Confession Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, folks. Time to confess. Share a little bit of your self with us and we promise to do the same.

I’m exhausted! After four readings in 10 days, I’m pooped.

You name it, I haven’t done it. I haven’t written, read, or checked in on blogs in the last two weeks. Don’t even think I’ll make a to-do list because it’s just too overwhelming. However, I don't have any readings until September, so I’ll have a chance to recover over the next few weeks.

Can I tell you how grateful I am to be reading my poetry in public? My community expands with every single reading and for that I am eternally grateful.


For the rest of this week, I’ll work on my second manuscript in hopes of getting it out to share with fellow poets to review. I’d like to have it ready for them by the end of the month. What I need is a solid block of time to work on it, which I haven’t in a very long time.

I tend to focus on one project at a time instead of multiple pursuits.


I did pick up Eat Pray Love again to finish. Yes, I started reading it more than a year ago. Yes, I do love it. But something in me wasn’t ready to finish it. However, I’m looking forward to the new movie despite Julia Roberts.

Also, I started Elizabeth Gilbert’s follow-up book Committed. I'm enjoying reading it on my Kindle for iPhone. I can read it late at night without turning on the light. In any case, I’m about 20 pages into it and I’m just not sure she can sustain the narrative. It reads as if she’s stretching the story. Can’t imagine what it might be like to write the follow-up book to a blockbuster hit.


Listening to Aretha this morning, “If you want a do-right, all-day woman. You gotta be a do-right, all-night man.” Amen!


Anonymous said…
I confess when I saw the author of "eat, pray. love" on the news last week promoing the new movie, my first thought was "a good title for an autobio by hannibal lecter"

my second thought was "how about an autobio by hannibal lecter titled 'my family has no taste'"

my wife thought it was kind of funny....

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