You Can Go Home Again

I’m back in Norfolk, Virginia, for a long overdue visit to see my parents. Lots of fun things of the agenda including beach time and a visit to a children’s museum. And food. Did I mention food? Crab cakes, shrimp, bbq, hush puppies, and, of course, okra!

My favorite moment so far came yesterday watching a bubble/water gun fight between my dad and Alex and Ella. Just watching my parents be kids again did my heart good.


While I’m here, besides getting lots of rest, I plan on shoring up the manuscript and starting new work. A Starbucks visit is in my future. I’m also hoping to connect with the English faculty at Old Dominion University, my alma mater. As an alumna, I'm hoping they find a spot for me to read this year but they haven’t been very forthcoming.


Eat. Pray. Love. Yea! Going to see the movie at some point this week.

The book and the movie bring up lots of idea about dropping out of real life for a while for some soul healing self-discover. After going through a divorce, I empathize completely with Elizabeth Gilbert’s quest to feel her life again. So I’m looking for little ways to take the spirit of the movie and infuse it into my daily life. Water gun fights are a start.

The Summer of Fun continues!


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