Fish Flake Hill Talent Show

Friday night I was sipping a cocktail at El Quijote bar at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC. Saturday night, however, I sipped a glass of wine under the stars in Sean and Michele Devlin's backyard at the 4th Annual Fish Flake Hill Talent Show.

In a word: magical. Hmmm ... maybe quirky is a better word.

I spent the evening with 50 of my closest friends and neighbors who are just amazing, creative, unsung talents. There was a live band and lots of homegrown entertainment, from owl calls and trumpet players to short stories and sea chanteys. Audience participation goes without saying. And yes, I read two poems--even brought the kids on stage with me as I read.

Times like these I am reminded how local my world is. This is my community, and I am lucky, lucky, lucky to be a part of it.

Thanks Sean and Michele!


Anonymous said…
chelsea - legendary for a poet...

you are lucky - i don't even have 50 closest friends on facebook...

fishflake - great name for a poem about a fish w/ADD
Become Famous said…
agree with you :)

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