JHPF First Tuesdays

One of the joys of reading poetry in public is discovering a cool venue where you least expect it. That's how I felt when I read at the Terraza Cafe for the Jackson Heights Poetry Festival's First Tuesdays reading series.

The second floor stage is suspended by cables over the main bar area with a grate as the floor (good thing I didn't wear a skirt or heels!). And look at all that loft seating--how cool is that?

Nothing makes a venue more comfortable that a good host. Richard Jeffrey Newman (pictured)was kind enough to have dinner with me and lead the event. It was really nice to see so many newcomers mixed with regulars reading both poetry and fiction.

Very talented poets and writers in crowd.

Admittedly, I found myself looking down through the grading while on stage. It was a surreal experience, one that brings a smile to my face even as I type this. Special thanks to Richard and to Marina Yoffe for inviting me into this wonderful community.


Just wanted to say thanks for the kinds words and, again, for a lovely reading. I hope the reading last night also went well.
Anonymous said…
very cool
January said…
Thanks Marc.
January said…
Richard, the pleasure was all mine. Friday's reading had it's own charm. Heck, I'm happy anyone wants to hear me read! :)

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