Underrated Poets, cont.

Here is a short list (in no particular order) of underrated poets. Thanks for the feedback. Would love to lengthen this list so feel free to leave your choices in the comments.

Terrance Hayes
Michael Hettich
Thylias Moss
Susan Rich
Nin Andrews
Ross Gay
Steve Scafidi
Karen Head
Tania Rochelle


Speaking of Nin Andrews, did you catch her poem posted on the Academy of American Poets website? "Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness" was the Poem-of-the-Day selection on August 13.


And, thanks to Susan Rich for her post on Underlife. We'll be reading together in November at Porter Square Books in Cambridge--very cool.


Lastly, congrats to Jim Brock on the release on Gods and Money.


Jennifer said…
I'd like to add Adrie Kusserow to the list. She's a great poet trained as a cultural anthropologist and boy does that bring some amazing insight/original metaphors into her poems.

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