I took a day off from blogging for two reasons. My kids drove me crazy and I needed some distance so I could post objectively (HA!). And, today I attended the Simmons School of Management's Leadership Conference in Boston. I knew I would have a lot to blog about. Strangely, the two have a lot in common.

So yesterday, I had the bright idea to take my kids to work for a few hours. What was I thinking? While, on the whole, they were their cute, charming, lovely selves, they are not made to be confined to a space where they have to be quiet. On my way home, the wheels in my frazzled brain came to the conclusion that I have perfect children, I'm just not a perfect mommy.

They are doing what's in their nature to do; in effect, they are being their authentic selves. When they zig and I zag, it's usually because we have competing goals. That's how it is with young kids. So I try to adapt and cater to their needs. One day, it won't be like this but until then, it is what it is. I understand that and it's okay.

Friday made me appreciate Saturday even more. I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. The overall theme I took away is to be true to yourself. Honor your authentic self. And I kept thinking how different things are from just a few years ago when people said you can have it all. Now, everyone tries to do more with less yet we are losing ourselves in the process. Multitasking is out, personal time is back in vogue.

As for the speakers, I heard and thoroughly enjoyed personal finance expert Michelle Singletary, organizer Julie Morgenstern, news anchor Soledad O'Brien, and actress Alfrie Woodard. There were others in attendance, but the ones listed spoke to my interests. You have to think entrepreneurially about your life and career, even if you don't own your own business. You have to make time for the important stuff. Also, you don't need as much stuff as you think you do.

Blogging enables me to honor my authentic self. I am a poet, so when I decided to blog and write poems in April, something shifted in my life. Everything shifted. I write because I enjoy it. It gives me energy, which allows me to be more creative and give something back to the people in my lives. That discovery is a happy accident, but is the most authentic thing I have learned this National Poetry Month.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful! What a great connection to make! The conference sounds like it was awesome. I'll have to pick your brain about it soon.

Finishing my revisions and minding my doggie today. He's tied to my chair so he can't get in to trouble, enjoying his new squeaky stuffed camel toy.

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