I'm writing this entry from work--which is an interesting dynamic in itself.

I thought that working as a writer/editor would encourage my creative nature. That's a big, fat NO! Most nights, I come home tired and worn out. And when I do get to write, I can't turn off the editor in me. Why use three words when you can use one. Yet, that's the best part of poetry, capturing words in a sophisticated manner. Finding the write meter to hold onto a moment, the right stretch of words to fill out a thought--that's poetry!

Hope to post new work soon. A poem a day--sounds easier than it is.

On a separate note, today is Opening Day for baseball. Only in the greater Boston area is Opening Day considered a holiday. The Red Sox have a good team this year. Heck, since they won the World Series in 2004, they get a pass for the next few years. Management can do (almost) no wrong in my book. I mean, after they traded "Nomah," I thought the end of civilization was at hand. But, I was proven wrong.



Alex said…
Hey there January! I'm glad you revived your blog. I can't turn off the editor in me either. I'll watch a TV show & wonder why they cut a sequence a certain way. It's maddening. Post some new work soon!
You know what they say, you do something 21 days in a row & it becomes a habit. So keep it up.

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