Happy Patriots Day!

It was quite chaotic tonight trying to get the kids settled. Dinnertime often turns into the witching hour in the O'Neil household. Alex gets wound up and then crashes, and Ella follows suit. Both seem to be going through loud phases, which doesn't help. But tonight, it turns out that the chaos was caused by lack of sleep from the Easter festivities from the day before. Who knew they were acting out at 6 p.m. because they're exhausted. Usually, they are awake until 8 p.m.

All of this activity left me distressed about tomorrow. I'm pretty diligent about getting everyone ready for work and day care. But I'm just pooped. So in the next few weeks, Tim and I will be looking for ways to simplify our lives and making it easier on everyone. We're throwing out all sorts of ideas: getting rid of clothes, toys, and books we don't use; asking family for a little more help; and trying to let go of our routines a bit more so we can really enjoy our time with the kids. Also, we're looking for ways to spend more together as a couple.

Do you ever feel the need to shed much of what you have to get down to what you need? I know I have more that enough, but some of that stuff defines me. I have books I haven't read since high school, and clothes that haven't seen the light of day since the early 90s. And now the kids have more stuff that we can keep up with.

I tend to collect ticket stubs from movies and concerts. I think I have a shoebox full of them. Not sure why I hold onto them, maybe because some of my best memories are associated with the experiences. But I never look at them. As I type, I feel a little pack-ratty, even though I'm not. Those stubs define a part of me--but if I keep them in a box, what does THAT mean? Ugh.

Simplify Simplify Simplify keeps running through my head. I need to do more with less.


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