New Poem

April Fools

Today we turned back the clocks
And put our coats away,
Blessed with a 60-degree day
It is as much a surprise to us
As to the robins that decided
Our giant oak would be the perfect spot to roost.
Purple crocuses push their way
Through the still-cold earth, through last year’s
Pine needles and dried leaves collected
In the corner of the yard. On a day like today
You don’t ask for much more than
more mustard for your hot dog
at the season’s first cookout.
You listen close for the laughter of neighborhood
Kids, tucking their joy someplace safe.
Save those crumbs for tomorrow
When the taxman comes to call
And the trash man takes it all
And the distant sun steals away your glow.
The cold is still there, just as it always has been—
under your breath as it disappears
before your very eyes.

Copyright 2006 January G. O'Neil


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