The writing continues ...

Because I've been writing poetry for the past week, I feel like I'm great poetry shape. I'm in the zone! The work is flowing, but is in need of revision.

Drat! Ella just threw up while she was sleeping. She started coughing and caught her gag reflex. Ah, the joys of motherhood. She's working on her second tooth so I think that has something to do with her restlessness. Nothing like projectile vomiting to bring you back down to earth.

On a good note, Tim and I saw "The Inside Man" today. So happy to see Spike Lee do something commercial. I think the public needs to be reminded how versatile he is as a director. Thought Denzel was great, as usual, but thought this was a great role for Jodie Foster. She played a power broker extraordinaire. I liked seeing her in something other than victim-turned-hero roles. She was "a magnificent c**t" (that was a quote from the movie).


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