If a blog falls in the forest ...

will anyone hear it post?

To poets and writers everywhere:

If you write for a living or write for fun, ARE YOU HAPPY? Are you doing enough in your creative life to shake things up, or are you writing about the same topics over and over again? Do you write for yourself or write to be heard? How do you shake up the status quo? Are you in a rut? Are you staring at a blank screen or blank sheet of paper? Or, are you looking to start your next great work?

Whatever the answer is, I want to know. How do you push the envelope? When is good not good enough? Tell me. I'm sure others would like to know.


Anonymous said…
I'm definitely not happy--stretched too thin, not enough time, never enough focus. Hopefully, someday, life will smooth out and I'll be able to write, write write...but that's not reality, is it? There'll never be enough time to do everything as well as we like, when we want to do it, and with the dedication it takes to succeed to the level to which we aspire.

So we write what we can, when we can, and enjoy the stolen moments of keys tapping, pen scratching, words flowing... -Erin
January said…
I've come to realize that we can't have it all...at least at once. You have to take what you can in increments.

Now that I'm writing consistently, it does take time away from other things. I still have a few Christmas decorations to take down, and my yard needs some work. But I'm pushing it off this month to focus on writing. And I'm surprised to find that 15 minutes of uninterrupted writing gives me a lift for the rest of the day.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jan! Remember me? I just got in touch with Erin and she pointed me towards your blog. I LOVE it. I'm going to go back and read the rest in my downtime. It's really refreshing! I love the poems. I don't think I had read your stuff before, and it's great. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
Christine Junge
January said…
Hey Christine! Hope all is well. Send me an e-mail @ jgill27494@aol.com and let me know how you're doing. Are you still writing?

Take care,


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