New Poem

The Emperor Gets His Photo Taken

The photographer says—
I take pictures of CEOs all the time
Mostly men, they’re not perfect,
Insecure, more so than women
They are fidgety and self-conscious.
Sometimes you get someone who doesn’t like
To get his photo taken. He’s a CEO,
Doesn’t like standing around in public
Especially around his underlings.
He feels naked because he has to reveal
Himself to the lens. So we use softer lights
Take advantage of the angles in the space
Make him appear warm and caring
Like your grandfather, someone
Who couldn’t possibly fire you.
Every once in a while
One will come up to me and ask
‘Can you do something about this …?’
Pointing to the paunch in his physique
Or the jowls, wattled neck like a turkey’s gobbler. And I say yeah
I’ll shoot you from above, cover up that bald spot.
I can even make your toupee look authentic.

Copyright 2006 January G. O'Neil


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