Goodbye Sprigs!

This is a poetry shout-out to Lynn at Sprigs, who is shutting down her blog.

Take Care

I like those words much more than
“sincerely,” “best,” and “cheers”—
words that have become trite
yet expected at the end of a card
or a thank-you note, losing their meaning
when out of context. Tell someone to take care
and you’ve given a directive.
Be careful.
Protect your strange and beautiful
underlife. Protect yourself from
the boundless nimbus:
what mothers fear a child will find
once she leaves the oval of her arms.
A wish for you, love, to move against
the abstract, ever present danger
that calls all things to an end
like a letter, or a poem.


paris parfait said…
Beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman.
peppylady said…
I'm out blog hoping for my thirteen thursday and came across your blogg.
It won't be posted until the 19th.
twitches said…
For some reason, this reminds me of Mark Strand's "Reasons for Moving." A lovely poem.
Deb R said…
That was lovely, Jan.

("Take care" is my favorite sign-off to email.)
Carolee said…
I hadn't checked in with Sprigs in a bit. Missed this decision. Was this the one related to bitacle?
Kristine said…
I love this poem. I tend to tell people to 'take care'. It stops people in their tracks at times and they respond in a way that lets me know that it is more than a simple acknowledgement but rather that I care. You said it best in your poem...
Bug said…
This is really nice! I love writing that makes me think about the true meaning of words.
la vie en rose said…
just beautiful...i will miss her words, her humor, her spirit...
Lynn said…
I know that boundless nimbus is going to get me someday! I'm glad you made note of it ~ I thought I was the only one who could see it.
chiefbiscuit said…
This is a simply beautiful poem to a dear friend.
jim said…
Beautiful, January.

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