Poetry To-Do List

Poetry To-Do List

Since I’m constantly inspired by Writer Bug, and since I’m feeling a bit like I should put up or shut up, I’m posting my poetry to-do list for October. And maybe, just maybe, by making my list public I can get something done for a change.

This weekend
Write three poems. (I have ideas for all of them.)
Mail poems to two journals. (I have a growing list of places I’d like to send my work.)

Week 2
Start to revise and reorder poems for manuscript.
Read a book of poetry that I bought from the Dodge Festival.

Week 3
Attend one poetry reading locally.
Write one poem.
Work on manuscript.

Week 4 (end of month)
Hand off manuscript to fellow poets for critique.
Write one poem.
Mail poems to two journals.

Hmmmm … what else should I be doing?


    jillypoet said…
    I like these ideas. I will try to do them as well. Thanks for the nudge!
    bb said…
    i'll check out writerbug on your recommendation - good luck with the list!
    and three poem's this weekend? mmmm, a dreamy target :-)
    twitches said…
    "what else should I be doing?"

    Making a list for November?

    (just kidding)

    Good luck with reaching your goals!
    chiefbiscuit said…
    Nothing - just getting through that lot should keep you pretty busy! (I think you were asking that question tongue in cheek?)
    January said…
    CB: Yes and no. I mean, is there something else I can be doing? I ask that because I just came from Dodge and I'm afraid to lose the momentum.

    But really, if I get this list done I will feel as if I've had a successful month without taking too much time away from family.
    mike taylor said…
    Hi, just poppin through. Saw your list. I must admit I hate doing anything with poetry except wrting it. I don't even like sending stuff electronically- could anything be easier? Stranger still, I don't really wish to remain anonymous. Ah, such is the simpleton.

    Write on
    twitches said…
    January: I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog. Hope you can join in.
    I admire your list...so productive. I need to do something similar, as I think I'm veering off into the whole "I'm much too busy with work to write right now," excuse. Maybe this would shake it...I hope you had an inspired weekend!
    wendy said…
    I am the most unstructured person. But I like the idea. Problem is...I'd lose the list!My blog is the most structured thing I have...sad I know...Come over today and try to solve my math problem. PLEEEEAAASE! Whining, yes I said it WHINING!
    ecm said…
    What a great list! Very impressive. Good luck!
    Bug said…
    You're too sweet. Thanks for the shout out. And your list sounds great--ambitious, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you. :)

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