Friday, October 13, 2006

Q of the Day

Just mixing it up a bit.

I give you the answer and you supply the question. Here's the answer ...

Not even if you paid me!

Question comes from Question of the Day


January said...

Would you ever vote Republican?

bb said...

Would you like to try for a daughter?
(Sleepless nights, extra laundry, another dynamic in sibling rivalry...)

jim said...

Would you ever become a car saleman?

Bug said...

OMG--Jan you stole mine! haha. I guess I'll go with: Would you stop writing? Would you eat something off the floor of a Boston subway car?

jillypoet said...

Would you ever have a perm again?
Would you pierce your privates?
Would you take a time machine back to high school?
Would you drive a mini-van? (I know, I know, 2 kids, the day is coming soon...)

January said...

Would you ever drive a mini-van? I'm with you. Not ever!


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