Poem for Poetry Thursday

Top Three Reasons Why I Didn't Write a New Poem for Poetry Thursday

1. I'm still in a Dodge Poetry Festival funk
2. My son's third birthday was yesterday, I'm pooped!
3. I have two new poems brewing, one of which has to do with my writing challenge.

I encourage to scroll down the blog for the past few days and read/see pictures of Dodge.

As I look through my poems to find something for Poetry Thursday, I realize that I don't have many poems that focus on the body. But I do have this one, which I wrote when I was reading a lot of Ted Kooser poetry at the time. I like the prompt so much that I may add it to my poetry to-do list for this month. (Yes, I keep a poetry to-do list. Do you?)

Morning Poem

An hour before sunrise,
I put on my red robe
and walk the dark halls of the house,
listening to its creaking under my feet.
I look into the bathroom mirror,
see the oval of my mother’s face,
warm chestnut. She reminds me
to wipe the sleep out of my eyes
to smooth lotion on my skin,
keeping it soft and ageless.
Not a laugh line or crow’s foot to be found.
I ask her how this poem should end.


Nic Sebastian said…
Love the ending -- adds an extra layer of awareness and is strong and open-ended at the same. Welcome back -- enjoyed your Dodge blogging! Nic
Deirdre said…
That is really lovely! Thank you.
Catherine said…
I love the ending too. And the idea of seeing your mother's face in the mirror - it's always a shock to me to see how much we come to resemble our parents. When I look at the skin on my hands I think "When did I become my grandmother?" :)
GreenishLady said…
3 things:
1 - Happy birthday to your little joy
2 - Thanks for sharing Dodge - looks just like heaven.
3 - Isn't it wonderful to have a poem like that just waiting to be shared?
wendy said…
Really Really Stunninly Good. I love that I know the robe was red.
You rock!
January said…
Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Wendy, the red robe is the first Christmas gift my husband gave me 10 years ago. It's terrycloth and very old. But it is like a warm blanket first thing in the morning.

Probably too much detail but I do love it.
Lynn said…
I don't really have a poetry to-do list. It's more of a bunch of disorganized notes and ideas and stuff.

This is a great poem. I love the ending.
Deb R said…
The writing challenge you linked too is cool! I need to come back when I have more time and follow the links.

And I love the poem you posted for today. Funny, the fragments I have rattling around in my head because of this prompt - fragments that might want to turn themselves into a poem - have to do with the ways I see my mother in me.
I really enjoyed this poem. I physically resemble my father's family rather than my mother. So far I still look like myself.....

I don't have a poetry to-do list, but I do have a big box of poetry ideas and half written poems that I dip into when I need inspiration.
ian russell said…
i really enjoyed this one. wonderful words.
Oh...you are young. It will end with laugh lines and crows feet. But that's not so bad...if they're from years of laughter.
O yes, and I also thank you for sharing Dodge!
bb said…
i seem to have gained a poetry to do list since i'm trying to put together poems for a pamphlet contest - i can see where the gaps are now, and imagine which poemms i need to write to fill those gaps. (this week's PT poem is a draft of the one i wanted to write as the final poem of the pamphlet)

And I enjoyed this poem of yours as much as i did the first time around - still fresh :-)
January said…
BB, good luck with the contest. I'm trying to revamp my manucript for a particular publishing house's open submission period.

I hate revision.

But I should post my Poetry To-Do List, much like Writer Bug does for her fiction.
Susannah said…
i loved this - and am green with envy after reading about the Dodge festival - sounds like my idea of heaven. might have to go to the next one.... x
Becca said…
Wonderful poem, and I loved the little surprise of seeing your mother's face in the mirror. That happens to me more often the older I become. I hear her voice too, coming out of my own mouth :)

Thanks for shraring your Dodge experiences - I was inspired vicariously!
twitches said…
This is really a great poem. Love the imagery, love the ending.
chiefbiscuit said…
Love it! Esp the ending - a good ending is so satisfying like that last smack of the lips after a good steak.
camera shy said…
this is wonderful

i love the ending

well done
Ceebie said…
January, what a lovely poem. How special to be able to cherish your mother's face and seek her wisdom...Not many of us can say that.
liz elayne said…
okay my dear girl, this poem has me crying in this early sunday morning vulnerable sleepiness in which i find myself.

you have such a gift.

thank you for sharing this.
paris parfait said…
Wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing it. Must catch up on your other posts - sorry I´m so behind w- reading and commenting. Things are a bit hectic here and internet access limited.
January said…
Liz Elayne: You are sweet. Thanks for the kind words.

Tara: I have been behind, too, on reading other blogs. So much good writing out there, and not enough time to read it.

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