Wiggles ROCK!

Okay, so The Wiggles can rock the house, especially when the house is filled with kids ages 6 and under.

I have to admit, I a good time taking the kids to the concert. Watching their reactions as the band (and I use the term "band" loosely) took the stage was priceless. Imagine being at home watching The Wiggles on TV, and then seeing them live a few hours later--that's big deal for a kid.

Who would have thought songs with lyrics like "Fruit salad, yummy yummy!" would bring in millions of dollars. My friend told me that The Wiggles have opened a theme park in Texas. Go figure.

Despite taking Wednesday off from work, I caught a cold, so I'm feeling run down as of late. But this weekend, I'm hopeful that I'll make time to blog and continue working on my manuscript.

Beauty mate! (A Wiggles expression.)


Alex said…
Tell the truth Jan, you wanted to go to the Wiggles & dragged your kids there. :)
January said…
Yes, I'm a Wigglehead, just like Jimmy Buffet fans are Parrotheads. There, I said it. And now that it's out I can work it get over it.

Alex, jealous much?

twitches said…
Might that be a Wigglehips or a Wigglebutt? Just wondering.
Catherine said…
Are the Wiggles an Australian group? I have a vague idea they are - certainly "beauty mate" would suggest so. What a shame my kids are too old for children's TV (though I got a glimpse of what passes for children's programming in NZ, when we made a ferry crossing between the North and South Island, and my daughter and I just burst out laughing, the programme was so bad).
January said…
Catherine, yes, The Wiggles are Australian. It really is a cute show and they really seem to care about their audience.

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