Mr. Incredible Turns Three

Happy Birthday, baby boy! My sweat pea. My bug.

I can’t believe you’re three years old. Promise me you’ll stay a boy a little while longer. Mommy can’t handle thinking about the first day of school yet.

The world is a much funnier, happier place with you in it. You never cease to amaze me, like last night when you crawled into our bed for the first time because you wanted to be near your daddy. You are so full of surprises.

Today is your day, Alex. Eat all the cupcakes you can. Drink lots of juice. Run run run until you can’t run anymore. Later, we’ll enjoy fine dining at Chuck-E-Cheese’s and have more cake and ice cream. And the presents—let’s not forget the presents. When it’s time for you to go nite-nite, I’ll tell you the story of the prince who ate all the apples in the kingdom, the story you and I make up as we go along.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Incredible. Mommy loves you.


Alex said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX!!! Wow, three years under your belt already. You're growing up so incredibly fast. Enjoy your day. Uncle Alex & Aunt Lorraine will have to visit you soon.
January said…
Thanks Al! My little baby is growing up.

bb said…
happy birthday alex - take the chance to run your mom and dad ragged :-)
bostonerin said…
Happy Birthday, Mr. I! you are the fastest, most daring superhero to grace the North Shore!
Deb R said…
That little boy of yours is just TOO cute! :-)
Bug said…
Too sweet! He is one lucky boy!
cute cute cute!
January, your children are sooo beautiful! Happy Birthday to Mr. Incredible!

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