Monday, October 09, 2006

Rejection? You Don't Know the Meaning of the Word

Check out Dan Nester's article on the Poetry Foundation's site about prolific poet Lyn Lifshin.


bostonerin said...

Hmmm. I liked the article, but thought it was weird that she retracted/changed her statement about rejection at the end. It kind of bummed me out, actually. I *liked* that she said she was disappointed at first--made her more relatable to me. The last line didn't negate that, but it did feel like it was softening her earlier statemtent.

jim said...

thanks for the link to the article -- when I first started writing poetry many years ago, I wrote letters to Lyn and she always answered them (altho usually just one or two lines on a postcard). I wrote to her because she lived in the town I grew-up in. That was enough.

January said...

Erin: Yeah. I thought that was weird, too. She is a prolific poet--and the epitome of persistience.

Jim, thanks for stopping by. Very cool that Lyn wrote you back. Hope what she wrote on the postcard was encouraging.

jim said...

I believe what she wrote was encouraging. I saved the postcards -- but then years ago in a basement in Kalamazoo Michigan, all of my saved letters etc. were ruined after the snow thaw flooding the room.


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