Good Vibrations on Poetry Thursday

Last night was the inaugural event for the NEWS reading series. We had great turnout, and I was honored to be in the company of some phenomenal women.

I think the event was well received. Fortunately, we didn't hit any bumps in the road. Our readers were fabulous, and the audience was kind yet understanding of our grassroots effort. (Don't want to say too much more--I may write about the experience in a separate post.)

I'm going to tell the rest of the story in photos. Some of the pictures are blurry--sorry about that! Thanks to all of the participants, and all those who helped or sent good vibrations our way. Erin are I are grateful for your support.

(Note to self: take crowd shots!)

Megan Mullin, MA candidate in creative writing,UMass Boston

Colleen Michaels, poet, essayist, and adjunct instructor, Montserrat College of Art

Lisa Cohen from Once in a Blue Muse

Phenomenal women!


jim said…
Yay, congratulations, and how cool. Looks like you and Erin have set up a great venue and focus for your reading series.

My friend Nick Carbo has a regular habit of taking photos of audiences at his reading. He tells the crowd that they'll be on his blog Carbonator, and so it's also a way to increase traffic on his site.

By the way, the aqua paisley tunic blouse thingie is gorgeous on you!
wendy said…
As said are a brave one! So bold and beautiful in blue...

And did I see cake?? yum!

So cool! you are a hero! a crusader.. ROCK!
I'm impressed and delighted for you...I appreciated the photos, you all are radiant. You inspire me...
Beaman said…
Nice photos. It looked fun. :)
January said…
Thanks Beaman.

Delia, the feeling is mutual. You've been such an inspiration to me as a mom and as a creative soul.

Wendy, yes, there was cake. And it helps to have a partner like Erin who can keep things moving when you can't. Thanks.
January said…
Thanks Jim, especially about the tunic!

I've read Nick's blog--he does feature a lot of photos. Thought it would be nice to have photos for the blog, but also I'd like to get local funding to help pay for the little expenses.

I'm sad I missed you when you were in MA. Hope the reading went well.
bostonerin said…
Hmmm...the truth revealed. Whenever I'm not onstage, I'm eating cookies!!

It was a wonderful night, and I can't wait for the next one! Jan, you are one fan-TABULOUS poet, parter in crime, and hostess.

Here's to more NEWS!
January said…
Yes, here's to more NEWS--all of it good!

You're a STAR!
It looks lie a great event! Well done!
Catherine said…
Congratulations! But I can't help wondering, are there any male poets in Boston?
deirdre said…
I'm so glad it went well! You all look so happy in the photos.

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