Happy Mother's Day!

Why does Mother’s Day for me translates to time away from the kids?

I am here at Starbucks sipping on a cool beverage, looking a bit pensive because I took my own photo with my camera's auto timer (hee hee hee!). The kids are spending time with Dad today. They made tea and toast for me this morning--gotta love that. They’ve bouncing off the walls today for some reason, zigging as I insist on zagging. So on this beautiful day, I am out with the camera, basking in the sound of my own thoughts—a priceless luxury to someone with little time and lots of big ideas.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you in the blogosphere. And a special Happy Mother’s Day greeting to my mom. Love you!
(In truth my family is priceless, and a few moments alone is all the gift I need.)


Happy Mother's Day, January! Getting to hear you (and see you) read your award-winning poem was a treat today. I hope you enjoyed your free time...
January said…
Thanks Delia. Hope you had a wonderful day as well.
Looks like your Mother's Day was FINE! I'm glad.
Kristine said…
Happy belated mother's day! Hope it was great!

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