Random Thoughts on a Friday Night

  1. Home on a Friday night ... what's up with that? I remember when I was the life of the party. Now, I'm thankful for my laptop, a cup of hot tea, and a little peace and quiet.
  2. Rain, rain go away! The high today was 46 degrees. This is why I loathe May in New England.
  3. Because of the rain, the Red Sox had to postpone their game tonight with the Atlanta Braves. And while I am a Braves fan, I'm all about the Red Sox, baby! I really should blog about them more. I mean, they do have the best record in baseball.
  4. Yesterday I worked the equivalent of a double header editing the names of the graduates in my college's commencement booklets. I was at my desk for roughly 14 hours. Good thing I only have to do this once a year.
  5. My husband Tim has really pitched in this week cooking dinners and grocery shopping. He's usually helpful around the house, but this week he really came through since I was preoccupied with work.
  6. Alex is potty training, bless his heart. He's getting better at it but, as many of you know, training is not without its "accidents." But since he's been doing so well, we're due to take him and his sister to Chuck E. Cheese over the weekend.
  7. Chuck E. Cheese has about the worst pizza I've ever had! Definitely geared to kids.
  8. Ella's my sweetheart. I love both kids, but she still needs me in that motherly way: to kiss a boo boo or rub her back before she goes to bed.
  9. Been thinking a lot about my lack of writing this month. Not much poetry or blog posts in May, but I hope that's all going to change. I feel like whatever limbo I've put myself in, I just have to write my way through it.
  10. Also, I've been thinking that maybe my poetry is plateauing. I want to take my poetry in a new direction but I don't know how to do that exactly. Do I write through it or look for exercises to get me there? Hmmmm. Something to think about on this rainy evening


deirdre said…
I love these little slices of daily life. Yay for potty training - even with accidents. It's progress. And yes, Chuck E. Cheese pizza is horrible. And the noise! Oh, holy smokes!
Catherine said…
I find if you want to go in a new direction, you have to kind of sneak up on it. the NaPoWriMo prompts produced some surprising things for me. Once, when I was taking a drawing class, I found to my surprise that I drew quite differently when I stood at the easel instead of sitting at a table. But I didn't set out to do it differently, it just kind of happened. Exercises might help. And then again, they might not. I'm sure it will happen, eventually, because if you're human, growth is inevitable.
chiefbiscuit said…
I think it's impossible to keep churning out poems without some sort of break. Your right brain is even now taking in stuff that will be used in future work. But we need these rest phases. You are doing all the right things. I'm looking forward to those future poems!
Gee, you have to potty train your OWN, and then you end up potty training THEIRS!

Did I tell you that my dad once pitched a no-hitter against the great Satchel Paige...?
January said…
Pepek, so true about the potty training!

And yes, I think you have mentioned the story about your father and Satchel Paige but I'd like to hear the whole story ... or as much as you know.
January said…
CB, Catherine -- I just love seeing your pictures pop up! I have to admit, I never thought NaPoWriMo would throw me for a loop. But I think the combination of rest and patience will get me through.

Catherine, I do like the idea of changing my perspective to see what happens.
January said…
Deidre, that's why we only go to see the mouse every few months, long enough to forget our last visit!
Leila said…
It's good to take a break and it seems like you're heading in that direction. You've learnt alot about your writing these past couple of months. Time to let it sink in, grow, ferment, take root, dream... you pick the metaphor!

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