January O'Neil at the Super Hoot!

Here I am reading my poem "Night Work" as a winner of the 2007 Eagle Tribune/Robert Frost Foundation Spring Poetry Contest yesterday.

(It's taken me all morning to get this video uploaded--wish I could figure out how to edit the graphics.)



GreenishLady said…
Congratulations, January. It was wonderful to hear and see you read such a great poem.
Hey! What an unexpected treat ~ great delivery January :)
January said…
Thanks BB, Greenish lady! Hope you're having a great day, today!
Kamsin said…
Congratulations! So wonderful to see and hear you reading the poem! And Happy Mother's Day!
Becca said…
Congratulations! This poem is so touching and beautiful, and I loved hearing you read it. And the sound of the baby in the audience~perfect!

A great Mother's Day treat :)
Leila said…
always nice to see someone in action! happy mother's day!
Great job, January! You look so young up there.... This was really fun. Thanks for all your hard work getting it up!
thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for putting this here. your wonderful prose poem with each line a new letter of the alphabet inspired me to try my own a-z poem for napowrimo and i wanted to reference it on my post but couldn't find your poem again.

you are an inspiration and it was lovely to hear you read this piece aloud.

thanks again
(and my poem inspired by you is here if you want to have a read)
January said…
Thanks CCM! I'd love to come by and read your poem. ABC poems can be a lot of fun.

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