Sunday Scribblings: Simple

Simple? I don’t do simple. Don’t know how. Nothing I do has ever been simple or easy. If I have too much down time I really don’t know what to do with myself. In reality, my challenges are the blessings that come from having everything I need. My family is healthy and happy, so the stresses come from balancing a full-time job with a two-hour daily commute while trying to launch a writing career. I’m OK with that.

Keeping things simple means keeping things boring. Sometimes, my to-do lists can fill up the back of an envelope. But having a physical record of the things I have to do, and the things I want to accomplish, keeps me on track. What can I say, I wouldn’t be nearly as happy if I had a simplier life.

Despite all of this, I do like simple pleasures. I love my daughter’s open-mouth kisses, and my son’s big, bright smiling eyes. When my husband rubs my back after a long day, he gives me goosebumps. I love watching Red Sox center fielder Manny Ramirez hit a home run. I especially like the way after he hits the ball, he drops his bat and stands at home plate a second or two before he runs around the bases, as if he knows he’s just done something great. That’s usually the feeling I have after writing a good poem. For a few moments, it’s perfect. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

I should mention that my favorite magazine, ironically, is Real Simple.


Becca said…
A "simple life" is not for everyone. Clearly, you're thriving with your life, and handling its complexity quite well.
I love your list of "simple pleasures" :)
Tori said…
A lovely list and nice that you are in touch with all things simple and complex in your realm.
Villager said…
Simple pleasures are always best. This is my first time visiting your village. I hope to come back ... despite your love of the Red Sox (smile)!

peace, Villager
paris parfait said…
I've always frowned at the simple life, but that's because I grew up thinking simple was boring. Later I learned that wasn't the case, although my life has always been very complicated - and if it's not complicated enough, I rachet it up a level to make sure it's not simple! And you're right about the feeling after writing a good poem. xo
Catherine said…
I enjoyed your post, it made a nice change after all the others extolling the virtues of simplicity. I think we need a mix of simple and complicated to keep us on our toes.
These little pleasures are the ones I live for as spite of all that you have going on, you are grounded enough to notice them--then to get the words down and share them here. I'd say you make the complex look simple...
Very rooted post. Good to see you enumerating things we take for granted. I really liked reading it.
Kamsin said…
I guess everyone has to find there own way and pace of life, it'd be a dull world if we were all happy doing the same kind of things. As long as you always have space for those simple pleasures in amongst all the other stuff you have going on, all will be well methinks!
Remiman said…
Simply stated:
You seem to have it all together!
deirdre said…
Keeping a running to-do list is what helps me simplify life. There's something about writing things down and checking them off that satisfies the busy part of my brain. Real Simple is one of my favorites too.
Jenn from MA said…
I love your list of simple pleasures. Makes me smile!

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