NEWS Recap

Once again, I am amazed at the wealth of talent that graces our little reading series. Last night, we featured readings by Erin Dionne, Robyn Bradley, Christine Junge, and Vito Salm. The fact that the majority of us are bloggers is just one of those happy accidents.

It was great speaking with audience members afterwards, finding out about various projects and interests, and how they bring literature into their day to day lives.

Community--it's all about community. Enjoy the photos! (Sorry, some of them are dark.)

Christine Junge

Robyn Bradley

Erin Dionne

Vito Salm


Bug said…
Wow! I don't look like I'm going to puke from nerves! Must be a good angle... :)
jim said…
Looks like another nice turnout! Yay for our side!

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