Sunday Scribblings: My First Act as Queen

My First Act as Queen is so obvious … it would be to in the War in Iraq. But then it gets interesting:

1. Bush, Cheney, Rove, and most of the current administration would be sentenced for war crimes. They would be transferred to Guantanamo Bay detention camp to a term no less than the number of days we have been at war. And it still wouldn’t be the pound of flesh needed to make up for the lives lost on both sides. Not even close.

2. Install Al Gore as President. Hillary as Secretary of State. Actually, it doesn’t matter. I’m happy with either choice.

3. End poverty.

4. Install Bill Clinton as Ambassador to the World. And Oprah as Secretary of Hope.

5. Sign the Kyoto Treaty and make Global Warming a serious initiative. Also, I’d make health care universal in this country without raising taxes, raise the minimum wage, and get rid of all of the tax cuts that only seem to benefit the rich.

6. Create the position of Literary Czar to work with the Poet Laureate to get people excited about poetry and literature. While the Poet Laureate position is bestowed upon poets who are well-known best sellers, the Literary Czar would be given to a teacher or an administrator. We need someone who can not only champion literature, but also help school systems adopt modern literature into the curriculum.

7. I’d make siestas mandatory during the work day.

8. Add more national holidays, especially to the months that don’t have a holiday. For instance, Jan Day would be June 2.

9. Find a way to raise the salaries of teachers and lower the paychecks of big-name actors and athletes.

10. Make the Chick-fil-a sandwich the official sandwich of the United States.

And a bonus:

11. Install Dave Ramsey as Secretary of Finance, a position where he would re-educate America about debt and help us break our national dependency on credit cards. Dave is definitely the right man for the job.

I could go on, but I'm sleepy. And the Red Sox just won Game 6. I'm liking their chances in Game 7. Go Dice-K. GO RED SOX!!!

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January said…
One more thing: I think commercials at movie theaters should be outlawed. Period. If I wanted to spend $20 on two tickets just to see a commerical for Coke or Sony Playstation, I could have stayed at home.
wendy said…
Um..go Rockies....PS 6-8 inches of snow in the Mile High region this cold 31 degree morning...Be sure to pack your under armour if you make it to THE SHOW..

Look at me..all talking like I even no one little thing about baseball..Past Robert Redfords "wonder boy" bat in the natural....
tumblewords said…
Oh, right in order. Perfect! Now let's get on with it!
paris parfait said…
Brilliant! I'm with you on all but No. 10. Do we really want fast food as what we're identified with? :)
odessa said…
agree with all this! although i must admit, i'm a tad selfish, so i want the mandatory siestas to be the first priority. this is what i miss the most about living in the philippines - afternoon naps! :)
RIght on! I hear you on all points, loud and clear!
I say ditto for all and all for more pay to teachers!

January said…
Gautami, teachers definitely should make more money. All you have to do is make sure I'm installed as queen of the universe and I'll make it happen.
January said…
Wendy, the Sox will win in 6 games. That's my prediction and I'm standing by it.
January said…
Tara, when was the last time you had a Chick-fil-a sandwich? Four words: Little taste of heaven!
Goodnight, Mom said…
Ok, ate Chic-Fil-A last night. Jon's in Mimai and it was a great place to take Jack for a bit.

Here's what I was wondering, can we go ahead and pitch Macy's to host the Jan Day Parade?
Jenn said…
love this post. i hope you don't mind if i lift something like it for my blog...or for a scrapbook page.
January said…
Jenn, what's mine is yours. Lift away!
January said…
Kristi, maybe I'll have a big float made out of my head to walk through the streets of NYC on Thanksgiving.

Ahhhh ... dream a little dream ...

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