Monday, March 10, 2008

Confession Tuesday

My, how the week gets away from me—I must be getting older. If you interested in “confessing,” let me or Carolee know and fess up!


First, I’m sending good vibes this week to Carolee’s mom who is ill. It’s tough having a sick parent so I hope the situation improves.


Speaking of good vibes, thanks for all the kind words for my family. My husband, Tim, just had knee surgery, and my daughter Ella currently has an earache. Thank goodness my parents are here for a few more days; otherwise, I’d be a complete and utter mess.


That being said, I need some “me time’ in a big and major way. I’m tired of taking care of everyone else and need a break. May escape this weekend for a much needed, much deserved (if I do say so myself) mani/pedi.


I did get an e-mail about a yoga class in Boston that peaked my interest. It's called Yoga for Writers. Here's the description, what do you think:

Yoga for Writers is a vigorous yoga class designed to address practical concerns to writers (wrist, shoulder, low-back issues), combined with discussion of the mental benefits of yoga and how it enhances the creative process. The class is open to all levels. I especially encourage those new to yoga to come.


Life feels a little out of sorts right now. I tend to get like this when I’m out of my routine and sleep deprived. With that said, there’s a lot of cool stuff going on right now …


I’m being asked to read my work locally. I may have read a handful of times last year, but I’ll double that number in April. Woo hoo!


Also, I’ve sent two book covers to my publisher and both were well received. When I get the all-clear, I’ll talk about the whole process in detail and post a few examples of the cover art.


And I’m working on new two poems and revising and old one for this week. Now if I can just eke out a little time to finish them.


Last song played on iPod: “Over My Head” by Fleetwood Mac. Seriously.


Goodnight, Mom said...

Hmm,yoga for writers! That sounds interesting!

I do hope you enjoy your mani/pedi. I know that those always make me feel good!

Love to your folks!

susan said...

Hey Januari,
I can so relate to being out your routine. Sometimes I feel like throwing a two year old tantrum. This has been the longest five weeks (is it six) weeks of my life. Happy for you about your readings and the book covers.

polkadotwitch said...

can't wait to see those covers! it's all still so very exciting!

phobean said...

I've confessed!

...deb said...

I'm jealous of the yoga class. You'd think there'd be one in Portland, Or, but I haven't seen it advertised.

And yay to a mani/pedi. Enjoy!

It all sounds like a crazy, full week!

January said...

Thanks Deb. It sounds like a one-time class, but I like the idea of it so I have to check it out. Feel like I need a change.


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