New Poem

Tim is at home resting comfortably--well as much as you can after ACL surgery. Did I mention they took a tendon from a cadaver and put it in his knee? Amazing.

So I wrote this little poem in the recover room waiting to see Tim. It's not very good, but I'm posting it because I wrote it entirely on my phone. In Japan, I've heard that whole novels are being written on cell phones. Who knows, maybe my next poetry collection will be written solely on my iPhone.

Notes from the Waiting Room

Write as if his life depended on it,
as if to pry the sliding doors
open with your pen.
The spine-chilling sound of never
whooshes the air around you
and off he glides, prone,
to the white-walled room of operation.

Oh the terrible stories that rise up
From the floor. The blood, the viscera—
yours, mine, ours. You in there and me
out here. Write, "If you can hear me
reach for the walls."


Goodnight, Mom said…

I love the imagery of this. Great job on the phone!
Kelli said…
hey, I'm impressed! I love the first and last lines.
Anonymous said…
glad the family is doing well, J.
Anonymous said…
Very visceral, and I like your word choices.
Rethabile said…
Quite poignant, actually. Well done.
January said…
Thanks for the kind words!
Ananda said…
january, i felt like i was in the waiting room with you. write with your cell phone.... write.... use that iphone...create wherever you are ... whenever you find the moments and are called to share.
i included your blog as one of my fifty favorite fabulous female-centered blogs for women's history month. i included your web site on the first page of my web site. visit and look for it on the right side of the page underneath the two short book reviews. you will need to scroll down. peace and poetry, ananda
Anonymous said…
I so think you need a poem about that cadaver tendon. It's begging for immortality.

This is a vivid piece. I can see you tweaking it and getting a lot out of it.
Writer bug said…
I love this. That first line gave me chills.
odessa said…
oh my goodness, how i love the first 3 lines! you took me right there in the waiting room with you. thanks for sharing this. and all the best to your hubby! :)
January said…
Thanks. I'll have to revise and repost this poem.

And thanks for the kind word about Tim. Much appreciated!

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